Show off your Fashionable Face Masks

face mask fashionable and glam

It looks like face masks are here to stay! And if you are looking for some glam, look no further. This women owned business took a pause from launching their Haute Couture Dresses amid COVID-19 to make fashionable face masks. “It started out with few friends and family members, and then it took off. Everyone wanted one!”, says Besa Gashi - one of the co-owners. “Each face masks is unique as they are all hand crafted and cared for individually” she continues.

Quantities and variations are all limited edition and individually hand crafted. Every mask has 100% cotton lining. Fabric is pre-washed and sun dried, ironed and packed with love and care, ready for you to wear.

Here are our picks:

For special and customized, orders follow the brand on instagram @maskuppopup and DM them. Super lovely ladies! Support Women owned businesses. They can be an amazing gift for birthdays and any other special occasion. 

hand made and embellished face masks

Now they are sharing that love and glam with the world. You can contact us with any questions as well. We would be happy to assist.

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