Life has been a little different to say the least. As a registered nurse, I have ditched my normal makeup routine for my daily surgical and N95 mask. I have been extra cautious in applying the right products on my skin because I am often wearing my mask for hours at a time. These are some of the products that I have been saving my skin and I have re-fallen in love with.

1. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 provides gentle exfoliation and removes skin dead cells that build up. P50 aids in rebalancing the pH of skin and reduces pore sizes (please sign me up!). I use the regular formula. If you want to find out which formula is the right one for you, reach out to Vicki Morav team. They are awesome.

2. SkinCeutical CE Ferulic  is my daily antioxidant that I swear by. We all know the importance of including Vitamin C in our skin in protection against free radicals. It helps brighten my complexion and reduction of fine lines.


3. Biologique Recherche Serum Elastine helps with elasticity, reduces any fine lines, and reduces surface imperfections.


4. Forlle’d Hyalogy Platinum Eye Cream is hands down the best eye cream you can invest in yourself (Do it). Platinum eye cream reduces puffiness while strengthening around the eyes


5. Forlle’d Hyalogy P- Effect Nourshing Cream assists in hydration and nourishment. It aids in skin elasticity.


6. Crème Masque Vernix from Biologique Recherche provides a barrier between my skin and the environment. Super help for skin that feels stressed (hey, aren’t we all?). I just apply a thin amount on the days I work for that extra protection.


Love and safety to all!