Is There An Acne Cure?

Is There A Single Acne Cure That Will Work For Everyone?

How do we treat acne? Can acne be prevented? Well, one thing seems to be true - diet is a big contributing factor, and the time to make an adjustment is right now. If you are one of those people that never had to deal with acne, how lucky! Below, we are going to break down some contributing factors that cause acne breakouts, affects of diet and treatments, as well as skincare products which everyone needs to keep in their shelf.   

Does diet plays a role in acne?

As most of you already know, bad eating choices made the night before result in a pimple the next morning. We've all been there. Although some experts debunk the diet as a trigger of acne, I have to disagree with them. Based on my personal experience and research, all the contributing factors are triggered by one another. It's like a vicious circle. For example, when you eat carbohydrates, they disrupt hormones, especially insulin - which is one of the most powerful hormones that is closely connected to all of the other hormones in your body, including estrogen and testosterone. It was proven scientifically that testosterone is number one hormone responsible for acne breakouts.

What diet adjustments should you make to treat acne?

Cut processed sugar and lower carbohydrate food intakes when possible. This includes pasta, bread, dairy, and any junk food in your food pantry. They all cause inflammation on the body and are making the acne breakouts large, painful and with more puss.

Another essential adjustment is drinking water throughout the day like your life depends on it. Water helps to rinse and flush our system. Toxins are expelled, inflamation is reduced and our body can function much better when hydrated. Most of the human body is made of an average of 60% water, and replacing it with fresh one constantly is crucial. Drinking water helps to also flush out toxins, inflammation and improve overall health of the body and the skin. If at all possible, squeeze some lemon in your water. This will help alkalize the body since an acid body also is more prone to acne.

One last note - it is important to drink quality water. We have no idea where the bottled water has been to so the best investment you can make is installing an under the sink water filter system. 

Is hygiene important for treating acne?

Absolutely! Acne forms as a result of bacteria getting trapped in the skin with other impurities - such as oils, sweat and dead skin cells. Keeping your skin clean and following up a twice daily skincare routine is extremely essential. There are many steps to take serious during your skincare routine, and cleansing is the foundation of it so don't overlook it.

Since now we are getting into a change of season, celebrity esthetician Vicki Morav recommends milky cleansers. "My first choice is always Biologique Recherche Lait VIP O2. This cleanser protects the skin from pollutants, thanks to its oxygenating properties. If you like a lighter texture, Lait U is the one that does not leave an oily film. Lait E.V is gentler and is recommended for sensitive skin as it comforts, soothes and softens stressed and devitalized skins." says Vicki Morav.


Biologique Recherche milky cleansers

Is there a product that helps with acne?

You are in the right place! Yes, there are few products that you can own to keep skin clean, treat acne and preventing future breakouts. Biologique Recherche, which is a French skincare brand, has 5 products that can clear acne almost overnight. The trick is to be consistent, not to mix with other products and take before and afters. You will be obsessed with the results. Here they are!


biologique recherche acne treatment

biologique recherche acne treatment

Lotion P50 1970: It's a face toner that contains a blend of acids and phenol. This products acts as an anti septic and clears up acne like magic! It should be used twice a day for best results. Apply after cleansing with a piece of cotton.

Serum Iribiol: This potion contains zinc. Apply with a piece of cotton as a spot treatment. It suppresses the oil production and reduces inflammation.

Serum Placenta is a healing serum that prevents and heals before, during and after acne. A must!

Creme Dermopurifiante is a pore purifying cream. It's also super balancing and helps the skin keep acne breakouts and impurities at bay.

Masque Vivant can only deliver pure pores! It's one of those face masks that everyone should use almost every day. Skincare expert Vicki Morav swears by it! "I mix Masque Vivant with a pinch of baking soda when my skin needs an extra boost of purification. Prior to applying Masque Vivant, I exfoliate my skin with Valmont Face Exfoliant and then follow up with Masque Vivant." 


Are stress and anxiety causing acne?

The answer is yes. When your body detects stress and anxiety, the adrenal gland releases a hormone called cortisol - also known as the stress hormone. This puts the body in a fighter mode and your body's functions are interrupted, including the immune system. Notice when you're experiencing stressed and take a brake. Even if you take few minutes to perform a breathing exercise on your Apple Watch helps tremendously. More so, spare some time to decompress, meditate, exercise and take long walks. Anything that suppresses stress and anxiety helps the skin as well. 


The fact is that acne can be a result of many different factors, and to treat and cure acne everything needs to be addresses - diet, hormones, environment, stress, anxiety, home care and so much more. Not everyone is the same and we all get different outcomes sometimes even using the same products, even following the same diets. You have to figure out what foods are triggers, as sometimes even a tomato can make you brake out due to intolerance. Always explore, improve and thrive for the best.