My Summer Skin Gear

biologique recherche lotion p50

Get your summer skin gear ready for action!!! Cleaning the skin is the most crucial step for a vital skin. When pores are in their best state, they can eliminate and detoxify much easier; and this also applies to anti agin - to slow aging we need CLEAN PORES!!! Getting a facial every three to four weeks is recomended as  the turnover of the skin cells takes about three weeks. Burt using topical products is another important home work we all have to follow for long term effects.

My skincare routine is vast and rich, but for all of you that want a great start to a healthy skin this summer, we have put together a simple, yet effective skin care regimen.

Biologique Recherche Lait U cleanser

This light milky cleanser does the trick for the summer. It cleanses the skin from impurities and protects the good oils that we need on our skin. Stripping the skin from these essential oils is not a solution when it comes to anti aging. They are so needed!

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

Lotion P50 is regarded as one of the best and most effective skincare products ever created. We at myVanity agree 100%. There is a formula for every kind of skin, every age (above 13), and anyone that is looking to improve the skin almost overnight. To figure out which formula is right for you, reach out to Vicki Morav team. They are super knowledgeable and can help determine which formula is ideal for each and everyone.

Forlle'd P-Effect Essence

This face serum is packed with absorbable hyaluronic acid. If you are looking for this ingredient, the P-Effect Essence has no match. It hydrates the skin working from within the skin thanks to the low molecular hyaluronic acid and eggshell membrane. Hydration is instant and the plumping effects are visible after one use.

MBR CEA City & Sky

This anti pollution face cream is especially designed for city dwellers. Rich in Vitamin C, E and A, CEA City & Sky is a delicious face cream that provides antioxidants throughout the day and protects the skin from environmental aggressors.

Valmont Contour Eye cream

Applied around the yes contour, this eye cream feels like velvet. Valmont Prime Contour is an all time favorite and I always go back to it no matter what. It can be used by people that have sensitive skin as well as it is gentle yet provides ample hydration for a thirsty eye contour.

Valmont Face Exfoliant

This exfoliating cream is it! Look no further and ask for nothing more than Valmont Face Exfoliant. I like the fine grains and the amazing smell. Apply it on clean skin and start massaging using circular motions. You will notice impurities vanish and dead cells fluff off.

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant

If you want to take your skincare to the next level, use Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant after exfoliating with Valmont Face Scrub. For you that want a deeper pore purification, mix Mask Vivant with a pinch of baking soda. This pure yeast mask will bring all impurities out and your skin will thank you for the clean pores. Everyone must try!