Why exfoliating and masking has become my new normal

wearing biologique recherche masque vip o2 after exfoliating

Since we navigate through the fourth month of the lockdown amid coronavirus, envisioning our “new normal” is more important than ever. I have created a spreadsheet with columns “Old Normal” and “New Normal” and write down everything that comes to my mind - how something was, and what I speculate will look like. Join me on my journey as I reveal each time an item from my list “New Normal”, and I hope that I will inspire you to start creating your own too.



My first item on my “New Normal” list: Masking Daily. More than ever, I had become habitual about exfoliating my skin and masking in the morning - every day. Literally - I wake up, brush my teeth, I use my exfoliating MBR Enzyme Cleansing Booster, then apply the MBR Beta-Enzyme - which smells heavenly - and then I layer either Valmont Renewing Pack or Biologique Recherche Masque Vernix. This has become such a special ritual for me, and I look forward to it every morning. Before this whole ordeal, it used to be quick morning routine and I would be out the door. Now I walk around the house while working from home wearing a mask. Not bad if you ask me!


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Masking daily will be my “New Normal” once we start to navigate out of this situation. So you know now one of the items on my “New Normal” list is.


Be in the lookout for my next item on my “New Normal” list.


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